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g-file /n./ [Commodore BBS culture] Any file that is written with the intention of being read by a human rather than a machine, such as the Jargon File, documentation, humor files, hacker lore, and technical materials.

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Also called `gender bender', `gender blender', `sex changer', and even `homosexual adapter;' however, there appears to be some confusion as to whether a `male homosexual adapter' has pins on both sides (is doubly male) or sockets on both sides (connects two males).

General Public Virus /n./ Pejorative name for some versions of the GNU project copyleft or General Public License (GPL), which requires that any tools or apps incorporating copylefted code must be source-distributed on the same counter-commercial terms as GNU stuff.

Among hackers, accordingly, the word has a pejorative connotation.

It is typically used of a project, especially one in artificial intelligence research, that is written up in grand detail (typically as a Ph. thesis) without ever being implemented to any great extent. A set of codes commonly used in sig blocks to broadcast the interests, skills, and aspirations of the poster.

An attack on a problem from an offbeat angle that no one has ever thought of before, but that in retrospect makes total sense. gensym /jen'sim/ [from Mac LISP for `generated symbol'] 1. The canonical form of a gensym is `Gnnnn' where nnnn represents a number; any LISP hacker would recognize G0093 (for example) as a gensym. A freshly generated data structure with a gensymmed name.

/v./ To invent a new name for something temporary, in such a way that the name is almost certainly not in conflict with one already in use. Gensymmed names are useful for storing or uniquely identifying crufties (see cruft). /imp./ Hacker-standard way of suggesting that the person to whom it is directed has succumbed to terminal geekdom (see computer geek). as a way of suggesting that the target is taking some obscure issue of theology too seriously.(A classic gedanken experiment of relativity theory involves thinking about a man in an elevator accelerating through space.) Gedanken experiments are very useful in physics, but must be used with care.It's too easy to idealize away some important aspect of the real world in constructing the `apparatus'.gen /jen/ /n.,v./ Short for generate, used frequently in both spoken and written contexts.gender mender /n./ A cable connector shell with either two male or two female connectors on it, used to correct the mismatches that result when some loser didn't understand the RS232C specification and the distinction between DTE and DCE. for RS-232C parts in either the original D-25 or the IBM PC's bogus D-9 format.Also used to refer to the perpetrator of such tactics. gag /vi./ Equivalent to choke, but connotes more disgust. Though there have been memorable gang bangs (e.g., that over-the-weekend assembler port mentioned in Steven Levy's "Hackers"), most are perpetrated by large companies trying to meet deadlines; the inevitable result is enormous buggy masses of code entirely lacking in orthogonality. [IBM] /n./ Dead space in nonsequentially organized files that was occupied by data that has since been deleted; the compression operation that removes it is called `degassing' (by analogy, perhaps, with the use of the same term in vacuum technology). [IBM] /n./ Empty space on a disk that has been clandestinely allocated against future need. Disseminated by Geoff Goodfellow while at SRI; became particularly popular after the Moscone-Milk killings in San Francisco, when it was learned that the defendant Dan White (a politician who had supported Proposition 7) would get the gas chamber under Proposition 7 if convicted of first-degree murder (he was eventually convicted of manslaughter). GC /G-C/ [from LISP terminology; `Garbage Collect'] 1. "I think I'll GC the top of my desk today." When said of files, this is equivalent to GFR. One such strategy involves periodically scanning all the data in memory and determining what is no longer accessible; useless data items are then discarded so that the memory they occupy can be recycled and used for another purpose.

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