Armory not updating 3 0 2

But, anyway it'll just repeat the same thing everyone else said.

armory not updating 3 0 2-61

Armory has been released into the public domain on November 2007. If enabled, shift right-clicking an artifact in Armory will open the power UI.# Inactive talents will now be stored as well as soon as they get activated.# An option has been added to disable warning messages.# Included updated German translations.# Connected realms were not recognized anymore due to API changes; this has been fixed.==== v13.3.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 7.1.0.# Debug mode is now persistent.# Reduces rescanning to 1 attempt instead of 3 and tries to prevent useless retries.==== v13.2.0 ====# Armory's trade skill update was triggered when no trade skill was open and therefore resulted in a warning message; this has been fixed.==== v13.1.0 ====# Made some changes to aid Armory's Elv UI and Tuk UI skin.# An option has been added to disable changing the UI scale using the mouse wheel.==== v13.0.1 ====# When the trade skill frame has been replaced by an add-on, an error may occur when Armory tries to fetch the data; this has been fixed.==== v13.0.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 7.0.3.

==== alpha ====# Paragon progress has been added to the reputation frame# Manually moved base namespace translations to sub-namespace because Curse Forge doesn't seem to fix it# Any translations added in the meantime should be included now# Fixed currency icons in summary sheet# Added sanity check before requesting artifact appearance info==== v14.2.0 ====# Note: Artifact relics will be cleared# Adjustments have been made for patch 7.2.0# Adjustments have been made for patch 7.2.5==== v14.1.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 7.1.5.# Added comparison tooltip for artifact relics (use Alt instead of Shift on a relic item to compare with activated relics).==== v14.0.0 ====# Added artifact power module.

Hey guys, I've got a minor problem: My armory - or, more specific: the background image of my char - does not update any changes I did to my gear, is there a /command to force and update? I've seen a blue post about this a looooooooooooooooooooong time ago.

They said sometimes it can take quite a while to update. But, if you're really curious I'm sure if you go far enough back in the blue tracker you can find it.

Note: Not all code has been reviewed yet and parts are still disabled, but all core modules are there. ==== v9.13.5 ====# Profession data is now pulled immediately from the server to minimize the chance that item data will be missing when stored.# If item level information is missing for a character the summary and paperdoll would result in an error; this has been fixed.# It is now possible to use a link as argument for /ar find (even /ar [link] is supported) to search the database.# An option has been added to make Alt-clicking a chat link equivalent to /ar find [link].# The fallback routine that was used when a trade skill texture couldn't be found always returned a question mark; this has been fixed.# In inventory icon view mode the item counts were not shown anymore; this has been fixed.# Profession windows can now be opened from the command line with /ar profession [char] [realm] (e.g. Note: all parameters are case sensitive.==== v9.12.0 ====# Other add-ons adding entries to paperdoll stats could break Armory; this has been fixed.# If a level requirement is unknown for a glyph the tooltip count would result in an error; this has been fixed.# Sometimes 'craftable by' was still showing from a previous tooltip; this has been fixed.# Player Score (Gear Score) player data wasn't reset; this has been fixed.# If the summary sheet is locked it didn't get updated when a character was deleted; this has been fixed.# It is now possible to exclude a character from Armory.# Talent tab is now hidden for lower level characters.# Guild bank money display didn't get updated after visiting the guild bank; this has been fixed.# Added some sanity checks for timestamps in Armory Guild Bank communication.# Raid info instance lock details now show defeated bosses instead of the instance ID which is not relevant anymore.# LFR has been added to raid info.# With a locked summary sheet the delete dialog appeared behind the summary; this has been fixed.# Pinned tooltip item counts now get updated as well.# Wrong event was disabled whe processing tokens; this has been fixed.# Trade skill update warning wasn't shown anymore; this has been fixed.# A warning has been added in case the server didn't return all requested profession data.# Currency data got deleted sometimes; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to choose a sound to play for automated warning and error messages.==== v9.11.0 ====# Adjustments have been made for patch 4.3.0.# Forgot to mention that the previous release included updated German translations.# Sometimes the currently selected character wasn't restored properly by database wide operations; this has been fixed.# Armory Guild Bank now also supports o Glow.# When searching o Glow will be disabled for greyed out items.# Adjusted the line width in inventory list view to make a cleaner fit.# Added support for void storage.# Removed some equipment count logic that made me wonder why I added that in the first place.==== v9.10.0 ====# "Known by" has been removed for glyph tooltips that already show this information.# "Craftable by" has been added to glyph tooltips.

Because this release consumed all my free time for a few weeks I'll take it a bit easier now. For this to work in other languages than English, the localization of ARMORY_TRADE_INSCRIPTION should be accurate (see project site).# Glyph has been added as a search type for /ar find.

Note: The database will be cleared because too much has changed (not for alpha users).# Character names in the summary will use class colors (if enabled) when the class column is disabled.# Added the option to mark a guild bank as personal to include its gold in a character's money tooltip.# If gold in statistics exceeds 100K the smaller denominations are removed and only visible in the tooltip.# Pressing enter in text box didn't invoke searching in the lookup and find frames; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to make the minimap icon position global.# An option has been added to include item counts for personal guild banks only.==== v12.9.1 ====# Included updated German translations.# Added class color to trade skill cooldown warning.# Added class color to achievement tooltip.# Increased number of "in progress" lines in achievement tooltip from 2 to 10.# Added sanity check to prevent nil index error when updating guild data.# Using command line option to delete guildbank data didn't close open guildbank; this has been fixed.# Guildbanks on connected realms are now merged into one.

Logging in to such a realm should automatically take care of this.# After deleting a guildbank, the /ar gb command was no longer available.

Companions, mounts and achievements are intentionally left out.

It has been a massive amount of work and I hope you are pleased with the end result.==== v10.0.2 ====# Using bag layout caused an overlay error with the void storage container; this has been fixed.# Included updated German translations.==== v10.0.1 ====# Missing 'relic' sub class caused an error when opening inscriptions in Armory; this has been fixed.==== v10.0.0 ====# Redesign and rewrite of code for patch 5.0.4.

If available it can be used to query other Armory users using the same channel.# An option has been added to define and enable a custom channel per character.# You can now whisper and retrieve player info by clicking the name in the lookup results.# Mousing over the link button in the tradeskill frame resulted in an error; this has been fixed.==== v7.9.0 ====# Font changed for Gear Score to make it work in non-western clients.# Performing an inventory type data search resulted in an error if a mount or companion was matched; this has been fixed.# An option has been added to select a different color for achievements that are in progress.# Core modules are now optional as well.# Command line parsing has been changed to accommodate non-western languages.==== v7.8.1 ====# "Known by" was no longer shown for unbound recipes; this has been fixed.# Adjustments have been made for patch 3.3.3.==== v7.8.0 ====Note: Your database will be converted, please make a backup of your before starting Wo W.# An option has been added to include characters that can craft an item in its tooltip.# Added support for Gear Score.# Russian translation imported.# Deleting a realm with a quote in its name (e.g.

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