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So the first pivot table has the total count of each category and the second table has the actual count of each category in my data.Now I want to normalize this data for future use by dividing the count from table 2 with the total count in table 1: Because you have Excel 2016 you have both Power Query (a data mashup tool that allows you to mashup data from separate tables among other things) and the Data Model (that allows you to write 'Measures' using an Excel-like formula language called DAX).

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This publication is available at https://uk/government/publications/budget-2016-documents/budget-2016 This is a Budget that puts the next generation first.

Productivity growth since the financial crisis of 20 has been weaker in all the major advanced economies, including the UK.

In emerging economies risks have also increased, with falling oil prices hitting commodity-exporting economies, Russia and Brazil in recession, and China’s rebalancing leading to lower growth in a number of countries.

EBS offers a complete, fully featured, whole of business system that can meet their needs: Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Power BI.

It’s available for deployment on Microsoft’s own Cloud servers – Azure – and packaged at an affordable monthly subscription price.

Only fill in the Consolidated Code field where the dimension value code in the subsidiary company is to be consolidated to a different dimension value code in the consolidated company.

Consolidating the data Open the Business Unit page on the consolidated company and then click on Actions → Import Database.

Note: For more information on any field, hit on F1 and online help will be displayed for the field.

You can ‘Search’ in Microsoft Dynamics NAV to locate any pages.

Below I outline the setups required to be completed for the Consolidation and the process of consolidating the data in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016. Set up a Consolidated Company A new consolidated company needs to be set up first. Translation Method’ for all the G/L Accounts in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Setting up Business Unit Information Set up a Business Unit for each subsidiary on the consolidated company. Specify Exchange Rates for Consolidations There are three exchange rates that the program uses when consolidating the financial data of subsidiary companies involving foreign currency, in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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